Social media is indeed a powerful way to market your e-commerce business; even the search engines treat it so. But there are times when making a mistake in the way you handle your social media task may result in a burden on your business.

    Social media is a people relation tool, and you need to be careful how you use it. Remember that even if good PR would help you get back on track, you don’t want to expend your vital energy in damage control. Let’s discuss five social media mistakes that may harm your e-commerce business so you can avoid them.

    1. Irrelevant jokes

    Making jokes is a good thing when talking with people, but unless you can bring the fun to connect with your business, you don’t want just to crack unnecessary jokes that may get you off the track. Remember, your audience has a perception of you, and that is the mindset through which your customers want to look at you and your action. Therefore, you must bring your business into perception when making jokes otherwise you might end up with a negative opinion from your audience.

    For instance, making an adult joke in business selling children stuff might not go well with your audience. It is a social media blunder to badmouth dog in a joke meant to sell pet items.

  • 2. Unsubstantiated claim

    Well, statistics is one way to convince your prospect to become customers, but make sure your claims are genuine and verifiable. The truth about social media is that things will remain out there forever because you don’t know which individual will take the time to archive or save your message for later days.

    Therefore, social media is not a place to make dumb statements about anything you have not personally verified to be the truth. You may bring up a stat about a product to back your reason, but make sure you have checked the claim and found it is authentic. Otherwise, you will be leaving your audience with the reason to doubt every other thing you have said in the past.

    1. Don’t think emails are social media too

    Many business owners use emails for marketing purposes without realizing it is a form of social media also. If you do not see your email communication as a form of social media, how would you avoid sensitive social media issues?

    Aligning with social media etiquettes when blasting that email marketing piece is an essential element for a brilliant outcome in your email marketing campaign. However, it is doubtful if many businesses realize the fact that emails are social media too.

    To be on the safe side, make sure all your email marketing messages contain no inappropriate jokes and avoid making unsubstantiated claims that may ridicule you before your audience. For the simple fact that people may share your email message makes it a social media matter to be cautious.

  • 4. Not taking your branding seriously

    Social media is not a place to share information that does not conform to your business image. Some companies make the mistake of exchange information which clashes with their brand. Whatever image, business process, color, slang and everything connected with your business must be shared in their pureness so people can link them to your business, if you do otherwise, you are hurting your business significantly. Remember, whatever you shared of your business items has the tendency of going viral; you will not have the opportunity to explain the difference to everyone who has the wrong business information.

    1. Not remembering your target audience

    Recent Facebook stat shows it has more than 1.9billion users while Twitter averaged 328 million monthly users. Among the lots of Facebook and Twitter users, only a few are your audience. You can’t have everyone as audience unless you have not done your business plan. However, anytime you want to post an update, it is essential to remember who your real audience is so you can give them what they need to stay connected with you.

    With the nature of social media, it can be tempting to make mistakes, but you will need to remember the reason you are doing what you do – your business! Avoid these mistakes and see your business growing steadily with time.

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