3 Great eCommerce Platforms that you can use Instead of Shopify

Let’s be honest – Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform. If you want to build an online store and have a small range of products in it, Shopify will do the job. But, if you are planning on selling dozens of products, you will probably notice that Shopify is not that efficient. Those who will find themselves in a situation like should not be worried because there are some great alternatives too.

Before we go into details, we will highlight the fact that there is a Shopify Plus option for big sellers, but the truth is that this solution is quite expensive and it is suitable for online retailers that have hundreds or even thousands of products in their offer.


WooCommerce is not an ordinary eCommerce platform. This alternative to Shopify is a plugin designed for WordPress sites. Online retailers like it because it offers some great features that cannot be found elsewhere. To start with, this plugin is completely free. However, keep in mind that you will have to pay for hosting because WordPress sites don’t have their own free hosting. With Shopify, you will get free hosting. Another thing that we should mention about WooCommerce is that it provides great marketing opportunities.


BigCommerce has been present for more than 8 years on this market. What makes this platform better than Shopify is that it has numerous product options and features. So, if you have a lot of stock, you will find BigCommerce helpful. This eCommerce platform provides different pricing plans, but you can rest assured that each of these plans is worth the money. In the end, it’s good to know that BigCommerce doesn’t require transaction fees.

Magento Community Edition

Now here’s another unique solution that can replace Shopify. Magento Community Edition represents a flexible open source platform that lets people create online stores for free. Once again, you must be prepared to pay for hosting, but that’s the only investment you will make. Just like BigCommerce, Magento Community Edition doesn’t require any transaction fees. This highly-efficient eCommerce platform has every possible selling option, allows selling a limitless amount of products and lets users customize their stores easily. The only disadvantage of using Magento is that this platform is a little bit complex, so you might have to hire a developer if you want to use some specific features.

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